Friday, 8 March 2013

Giulia Greco

I am a second year photography student at the University for the Creative Arts, Farnham. My practice is usually very documentary, my mind is constantly trying to think about different ways to capture and document events or details and different series of photographs I can compose and do. When I am not studying frantically for my degree you can find me reading novels, browsing online for new creative and colourful websites and blogs.

Images from 'Groups' project

This project, called Groups, was for my Vision and Knowledge unit for university. The project was based in London and I set up in a spaces I thought had a nice clean aesthetic. Then I stopped people that passed by and grouped them together with other strangers and took a group picture. This project explores the ideas that seeing is believing and imagined communities, my aim was to make the audience believe that this is a real group, the subjects might not know each other personally, but they still constitute a group. Accompanying the photos I also have a video documenting the whole project which gives the viewer and deeper understanding of the processes gone through in order to create the images.

A link to Giulia's video can be found here:

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